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Our People

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Meet Donna 

Before she came to Sodalis, Donna’s husband was once in the Navy. While they were stationed in Japan, she learned to speak Japanese. Despite many obstacles, she worked hard to earn her nursing degree and loves caring for others.

Donna is such a sweet and talented soul. She is passionate about birds and playing the Dulcimer. Her favorite bird is the Blue Jay. You will most likely find Donna with a book in her hand. She loves to read, especially when it is about birds!

Meet Melvin

Melvin was born in Henley, Texas and raised on a farm. As the last of 6 boys, he was too young to work out in the fields and is very thankful that he did not have to do what his brothers did! He was spared from having to go to World War II and farming duties. Melvin did pick up a green thumb over his lifetime and has always loved growing tomatoes to give them away. He and his son Barry just finished planting this year’s crop at Sodalis and look forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Professionally Melvin went to work for the electrical union I.E.B.W. for 45 years. He was a volunteer fireman with the Henley VFD and did help put out many fires! In his spare time he was a deacon at the Henley Baptist Church. His list of loves includes the following: his family of 2 boys and 3 grandchildren, the Dallas Cowboys, flying in little planes, country music, church hymns (favorite songs Amazing Grace and the Old Rugged Cross), the color blue, plaid shirts, cold root beer and sweet dogs with happy tails.

Meet Sally

Sally is one of our residents at Dripping Springs and has lived an amazing life! Read some fun facts about her below:

– Sally has been on over 50 cruises
– Loves Liberace
– Survived an earthquake
– Went snorkeling in her 90’s and got a sunburn on her “buns”
– First woman to work at the DMV
– Youngest of 8 children
– They used batteries in their town instead of electricity
– Has been alive to witness WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea and other military events
– Her sister lived to 101 and Sally wanted to live longer!
– Favorite foods: chocolate candy and butter
– Favorite grandchild: Tully the dog!

Thank you Sally for being a part of our community!